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Different Types of Door Locks

Choosing the perfect lock for your property can get pretty difficult, as there are over a hundred different varieties available. You need the right type of lock for every window and door of your house to help ensure your property is completely secure. Other than the typical standard locks and bolts, there is a large variety of new digital locking systems & smart technology available in the market.

Using a combination of both these vastly different types is a great way to increase the security for your home or commercial establishment. Consult a local locksmith who will provide you with excellent suggestions on which kinds of lock systems would work the best in your particular setting. They can provide you with the different door locking systems such as:

  1. Mortice Screen Lock Doors

 Standard screen doors come with a very simple and basic latch installed. Even though they may be easier to operate, they don’t provide the necessary security that you require against burglars. To ensure such a situation does not occur, consider installing a security system of a higher grade in addition to adding a mortice lock system. This is far superior to a regular lock system. Specifically designed for the screen door, these locks are a lot stronger and will help improve the security of all screen doors in your house.

  1. Dead Bolts

Largely used for commercial places or even entry doors, deadbolts help bolster the security of your property. These locks differ largely from typical springboard systems, as they can be both locked & unlocked using a key that turns the cylinder inside the fixture. You can also consider installing a double cylinder system, as it is twice as sturdy and will also secure doors built of metal or even solid wood.

  1. Knob Locks Fixtures

Typically used as secondary lock systems for entry doors, these are however also used as primary lock system by many owners. The convenience factor is what appeals to them, as it is extremely easy to operate. The downside is that a knob lock isn’t hard to break but you can easily prevent this by adding a deadbolt or a smart lock system.

  1. Padlocks

Padlocks are one of the most common and popular lock systems for both residential and commercial settings. In addition, they can also be used for securing gates. However, ensuring that the point they are attached to is sturdy, is extremely important.

  1. Locks With A Lever Handle

Mainly installed on commercial properties, door handle locks are pretty common. However, a large number of residential owners are now getting these locks systems installed in their properties. It is a great option for old houses or even houses that have elderly/disabled individuals living, as all that the lock requires to open is a downward pressure on the lever. This door can be easily accessed from the exterior by using excessive pressure on the lever.  Which is why, even though this system is extremely convenient, it is important to have some additional security systems installed.

Aside from the locks mentioned above, there is a large variety of locks systems with advanced technology such as digital locks, proximity systems etc. For information on our excellent, customized locksmith services, feel free to call St George Locksmiths today or contact us via this Online Form.

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