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Find Out Whether Master Key Systems Are Suitable For Your Property

Commercial property owners carry a lot of responsibility. They need to make sure that their premises are well protected and secure at all times. Not only do they have to ensure the security of the infrastructure and their property, but also the people that work on it and visit it too.

This means they need to have top-notch security systems in place that can meet the needs of their property. Most commercial & industrial settings are spread over vast areas. In some cases, they may also be spread across multiple buildings. Property owners and managers would need access to different areas on their property and also need to ensure that other people have the right access levels.

This is exactly why master key systems prove to be the right choice for commercial, strata, industrial and even large residential properties. If you are wondering whether you require a master key system, here are some considerations to take into account.

Different Access Levels

If the workings on your property require different people have different levels of access, you would definitely benefit from using a master key system. Some of the different access levels required in commercial structures include:

  • In office buildings, employees may be restricted to spaces such as the office area, the breakout rooms as well as the washroom areas and other common spaces within the building.
  • Managers would need access to all the spaces in order to carry out regular checks and complete their supervisory duties.
  • Housekeeping staff would need full access to all the areas in order to carry out their daily jobs in an unhindered manner.
  • The property owners will want full access to every area within all the buildings on their property.

Master Key Systems Vs. Traditional Keys

In traditional key systems, this would mean that different people would have to carry around a large number of keys in order to access these areas on a regular basis. This can sometimes become extremely challenging to handle and manage and can also create a lot of confusion. In case a person with multiple keys happens to lose them, it can compromise the security of various areas on the commercial property.

Aside from this, it also means you have to go into the expense of getting multiple keys replaced. All of these problems can be avoided when you opt for a master key system. In a master key system, it is possible to create multiple access levels for various employees and staff members, depending on their roles within the organisation.

Patent-Protected Systems

The company that handles designing of the system for you would be able to provide multiple access levels and restrict access to different areas as needed. A master key system can be as simple/complex as required. Since this is a patent-protected system, you don’t have to be concerned that it would be duplicated on any other property.

If you need additional keys for new buildings on your commercial premises, new access levels and new keys can be added to the existing system. This is a highly scalable and dynamic method of  maintaining the security on large commercial and industrial properties.

For any more information about our services or master key system solutions, feel free to call St George Locksmiths today or connect with us via our Online Form.