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How To Get A Broken Key Out Of A Lock

One of life’s most infuriating challenges is getting locked out of your home. This often occurs when a key is misplaced, although it can also happen when it gets broken inside the lock. Getting a trustworthy locksmith to extract a damaged key from a lock might cost hundreds. Unless there’s an emergency, like being locked out with no means to get the key out, you can probably do a few things to try to fix it on your own.

Once it’s clear that fixing the issue on your own won’t work, calling a locksmith like us at  All Time St George Locksmith is your best bet to get the broken key out of the lock without causing further harm to the hardware.

How to Get a Broken Key Out of a Lock

If the lock’s internal mechanism has not been damaged, extracting a key that has become jammed is typically relatively easy. A new key’s sharp ridges or burr, a bent lock assembly, or a loose component inside the lock assembly might all be to blame. Leaving a damaged key in a lock might cause irreparable damage to the lock. Therefore you should take immediate action if this arises on an external door.

Do not try to pry the key from the lock or pull the lock apart; doing so could harm the cylinder. If you’ve tried everything and the key still won’t turn, it’s time to call a locksmith. They know how to skillfully get a broken key out of a lock without damaging it.

Reasons Keys Break Inside Locks

The three most common causes of key breakage within locks, as reported by locksmiths:

  • ·       Due to wear and strain, an old key might become brittle and break;
  • ·       When a lock stops working correctly as a result of neglect or overuse;
  • ·       The key has been physically broken in half by a hasty person.

Simple Ways To Remove Broken Keys From A Locks

To extract the key, it helps if a sizable portion protrudes. You can remove the key more quickly if you use two fingers to grasp it and pull it straight out. Take caution not to sever any fingers on the broken key’s edges.

If only a little bit of the key is protruding from the lock, you can gently extract it with tweezers or needle-nose pliers without snapping off the portion that remains inside the lock.

Use a small flathead screwdriver in place of a key if no part of the key protrudes from the lock. Try to pull the key out of the lock with the screwdriver. It can cause additional wear and tear on the lock cylinder and the interior of the lock housing, so proceed with caution.

Best Way To Prevent Broken Keys

If you have broken or old keys, you should replace them before they are broken off in a lock. Throw away any damaged keys that have caused you difficulties opening a lock.

Always have a backup lock mechanism ready to go in case something happens to the original. As a preventative measure, spray a good quality silicone-based lubricant into the keyholes of your locks once every six months. If you turn the key and it grinds, sticks, or makes a squeaking noise, you should lubricate the lock with silicone or oil.

Professionals Know Best How To Get A Broken Key Out Of A Lock

To put it simply, locksmiths regularly encounter faulty keys. A new lock and key may be required if a key has broken off inside of a lock and cannot be extracted. Whether you need house lock repairs, spare keys make, new lock installations, or rekeying of locks and deadbolts, our team of expert locksmiths at All Time St George Locksmith is readily available 24/7 to rush and attend to all your routine and emergency lock services.

For more information, please call us at 02 9002 7453 or write to us through this Online Form, and we will contact you soon. We provide a comprehensive range of lock repair services and cater to residential and commercial clients. Our professional locksmiths are experienced and skilled and know how to get a broken key out of a lock.