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5 Simple Security Tips

Everyone enjoys having decorative features in and around their property. However, many skip out on having excellent security systems. As you can’t predict when your house may get robbed, it is essential to keep your property well secured. House safety should be considered as your number one priority. Here are a few tips that will help improve the security of your property:

  1. Keep Your Doors Secure At All Times

It has been reported at around 35% of burglars break in through the front door. This makes is extremely crucial to avoid it. Inspect the exteriors of all your doors, and ensure the frames are sturdy and strong. In addition, also make sure that the hinges are secure. Consider using the following for additional security:

  • Install deadbolts and strike plates
  • Switch your standard locks to smart locks
  • Add a doorbell with a video feed

Sliding doors made of glass are easy and perfect for a robber to break into. This makes it important for these doors to be secure. Reinforce them using a window bar or a dowel between their tracks; this will prevent them from being opened. For additional security measures, install sensors on your doors or even glass break sensors.

  1. Keep All Windows Locked

One the most common entry points for robbers are windows, which makes it important to ensure that all points for entry are well-protected. Many latches on windows are not strong enough and cannot provide proper protection. If they arnet well-protected, consider replacing them with levers that are operated using a key. A few other ways to add to the security for your windows include:

  • Install window bars
  • Install sensors for windows and glass breakage
  • Add a window security film of good quality
  • Plant prickly shrubs under first-floor windows
  1. Keep the Outdoors Well-Illuminated

It is a fact that criminals avoid breaking into properties that are well illuminated when compared to properties that aren’t. Adding lighting in the outdoor spaces of your property is an excellent way to deter criminals. Install lighting at strategic locations outside your home. A few additional lighting-based security measures include installation of:

  • Motion activated lighting
  • Timers on outdoor lights
  1. Keep Your Garage Secured

This is another aspect many tend to neglect as it may not seem that crucial. However, criminals are more likely to enter your property through your garage if it has an internal door that leads straight into your house. No matter how secure other points of entry on the property are, an unsecured garage is a weak point. Ensure that both the interior as well as the exterior are locked. Keep the security code within family members only. You can also consider upgrading to a smarter security system.

  1. Install an Excellent Security System

There are a number of different monitoring & home automation systems available. These will help improve your property’s security level significantly. After a thorough evaluation, you can choose different smart systems as well as additional security systems and get them installed by experts.

Following these simple security tips can go a long way in maintaining the security of your property. Consult with an expert locksmith before installing any security systems. For information on our excellent, customized locksmith services, feel free to call St. George Locksmiths today or contact us via this Online Form.

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