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How to Avoid Locksmith Scams

People who have been in a lockout situation are aware of how stressful it can get, especially when they are in a rush. It gets frustrating when you dash out quickly for a meeting or need to get inside your house or vehicle and find you don’t have your key. We generally don’t consider how good a locksmith is in times like these and just select the first one that pops up on the internet.

All we look for at point in time is a locksmith that provides emergency services, and we may end up selecting a company that doesn’t provide good service. This isn’t a great choice and you may end up regretting hiring them. Many locksmiths today do not have the right certification or licenses required and you can easily end up being the victim of a scam. By taking these precautions you can ensure you are not scammed in any way by these companies:

  1. Find out What Their Modus Operandi Is

Typically, scammers follow a particular MO. The first hint is that when they arrive to assist you in your lockout situation they provide you with an extremely low quote. You immediately agree to it as it may sound reasonable, and this is when they begin their scam. They initially pretend to work hard for a while and then inform you that the problem is far more severe that it appears to be.

They advise changing the lock entirely saying it cannot be opened using simple methods and then increase the quote to a much higher figure. In many cases, they charge hundreds of dollars knowing you will end up paying it as you are desperate to get the problem fixed. This is something you should be wary of.

  1. Find out Whether They Have a Physical Address

Every credible company will have their address and contact information mentioned on their website. If the website you check out does not have any information regarding their address, it is best to avoid such them as they may be scammers.

  1. Make Sure That They Have Their Number Listed

If you call a locksmith on their listed number and are put on hold for a long time or are greeted by an unusual dial tone, you may very well be redirected to a call center overseas and the company may be scamming you. This is another important aspect to keep in mind while selecting locksmiths. Ensure that the number you dial is Australian, and clear out any doubts early on before proceeding any further.

  1. Check Whether The Operator Has Certification

Every locksmith should be licensed, and in addition, have insurance coverage. An ABN number should clearly be displayed on their website, and this is something you shouldn’t avid checking first hand. If the information isn’t displayed, it is advisable to avoid the company entirely.

Professional and well-established locksmiths will rarely ever quote very low figures for their services. They will be up-front about the cost of their services and transparent in their dealings with you.  They will proactive in providing you with information related to the problem and the different solutions they offer.

Keeping these aspects in view will help you avoid locksmith scams. For information about our reliable and certified services, call St George Locksmiths today or contact us via this Online Form.