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Protection Checklist For New Home

One of the most likely factors to get overlooked is the safety and the protection of the new home as many think it will all be done. New home safety and security checklist should help ensure you have everything you need to keep your new home safe and secure, Even you don’t have any children

Home Security

Burglar Warning– You may have to leave it behind, depending on how much you invest on your current burglar alarm. Or you may find it’s not match for your new home. Try to get an idea of all rooms and book installation on the day of the move so you can sleep without  worry on your first night knowing your home protection is safe.

Neighbourhood Team – your neighbours is the best way to keep an eye for any suspicious person or activity and can report to the police if needed. In fact it could be a smart idea especially if you’re moving to an urban area as properties left empty can be a priority target for thief or house robber.

Safe Area for children

Depending on the age of the children there are some problem areas that you should be paying extra attention to within the beginning week of moving in. Whether you have children or regular children visitors, safe area for children at your house should be a top priority.

Balconies and windows

It’s the most things that people miss out but all that it requires  is a small window that is opened for any crime to happen. Be certain you notice and know how windows open and where. Check any band windows for ease of use because as the more terrible accidents, like falling out, there can be also small accidents to do with broken windows such as broken glass and trapping fingers

Backyard Gardens

Ponds or water features have become part of many gardens. Make sure these are covered or fenced if your child is under six. Make sure they know how to get out easily if they fall in,If over six. If you have pools consider it, please take care to ensure no terrible things can happen. You may have extra effort ahead in the garden when you are getting into a house that was previously owned by childrenless people, consider a stair gate on the backdoor or a playpen in the garden for little kids until hazards are tended t–since stone steps may result in  accidents. if it is  wet, decking can become very slippery. You might want to to get rid of all debris, rusted metal or even barbed wire, while some plants can truly be stingy.


Don’t think your current staircase gates will suit as few are one size fits all. If you have a baby you’ll know how worry it is to have stairs without a gate, you may be scared of the thought that they will get up and wander around when it’s completely dark. You will not have the peace of mind and a good night’s sleep, of course.


Fires and wood burning furnace look great but need extra care to make them safe. They need the smokestack for building sweeping every year to make sure no fallen waste catch fire. You will also need fireguards for children.

If you are looking for an emergency, you can turn to a top quality locksmith company that has vast experience dealing with all types of commercial, industrial, residential and automotive locksmith requirements like All Time St. George Locksmiths. You will feel secure and have less concerns when you are in the hands of professionals. You can contact us here.